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In the Loop April 11, 2021

Assignments for the Week: Language: Students will have a grammar assignment. They will continue to follow last week’s literature circle schedule (below). Expectations of literature circles are to: 1) do the weekly reading, 2) write 3 critical thinking comments on the bookmark (or a separate piece of paper), 3) participate in small group discussion andContinue reading “In the Loop April 11, 2021”

In the Loop April 5, 2021

Assignments for the Week: Language: Students will have grammar work this week. The first literature circle meeting will happen for all groups: Tiger, Tiger and Number the Stars will meet on Wednesday morning; The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Because of Mr. Terupt and Rowan of Rin will meet on Thursday morning. The reading schedule is below. InContinue reading “In the Loop April 5, 2021”

In the Loop March 28, 2021

I hope Division 17 families enjoyed a restful spring break. Assignments for the Week: Language: Students will begin Montessori grammar work, beginning with a review (and refresher) of what they studied last year. This term, grade 4s will focus on nouns and adjectives; grade 5s on verbs; and grade 6s on “reading analysis”–studying the partsContinue reading “In the Loop March 28, 2021”

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