Week of September 21

I am experimenting with a new format for the blog this year. Otherwise, you can expect to see these components (Assignments, Calendar, etc.) each week.

Assignments for the Week:

Language: This week students will begin interviewing one another for their next writing assignments. I expect that we will have time this week to generate questions, conduct the interviews and begin drafting our interview pieces. Students will have a spelling quiz on “No Excuse” words on Thursday. They will receive a list of words on Monday. Students will continue to have silent reading in class and record their connections to their novels. For the students who record Home Reading this week in their planners, I will record it. Otherwise, I will officially start recording Home Reading (30 minutes/5x a week) for the week of September 26+.

Math: This week students will finish their ancient math (different for each grade level). Students will begin independent math work assigned by me based on our recent assessment.

Culture: This week we will begin our study of Canadian history by looking at the Gold Rush era in BC. Our theme for the term is immigration, so we will particularly be looking at the experience of immigrants during the Gold Rush.

PE: We will have PE outside assuming the air quality is better than last week. We will begin with fitness exercises and running. I do not yet know when our PE days will be. Once we know, students should be properly dressed on PE days with runners and clothing they can move in.

French: Our regular French schedule will begin this week with a new teacher, Ms. Pearson.


Tuesday, September 22 there will be a fire drill before recess.

Friday, September 25 is a Professional Day. There is no school for students.

Wednesday, September 30 is Orange Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear an orange shirt to school as an expression of reconciliation and empathy.

School Supplies: I have asked that this week students have a planner (agenda) and a system for organizing their school work. The planner is so that we may record homework and due dates. I try to reinforce this every day so it is important that the planner travels to and from school (so you may also see it). The organization system may be a binder, simple folders, accordion folder or anything else that helps your child keep his or her papers neat and organized. This also should be something that will travel to and from school every day.

Rainy Days: This year on rainy days recess and lunch break will be outside. Students should dress for the weather. Note that students will sit in the classroom for eating their snack and lunch as they have every day so far.

The First Week Back: This week, the goal was for students 1) to get to know each other, 2) to learn the class expectations, and 3) to complete assessments for reading, writing and math. We also completed a self-portrait which included personal statements of identity.

Assessments require deep concentration–not easy during the first week of school!
Mr. McDonough’s class taught us a new game (Secret Word Keeper) that we will play again for sure!

Rotation: Starting during the week of September 28, Ms. Lucas, Ms. Griffiths and I will begin a teaching rotation on Fridays. As we start, Ms. Griffiths will present the Great Lessons and Ms. Lucas and I will teach aspects of botany. For health and safety reasons, the students will stay in their classrooms and only the teachers will move to these classes. We began thinking about botany this week by “looking closely” at (drawing) flowers in our botany journals.

School in 2020: This week in class we did a good job staying safe. We still need practice with a few things, like not fidgeting with our masks. We hope to do more learning outside when the smoke clears and as the weather allows. We were able to do our class read-aloud outside one day so far (right–Ms. Bartlett with her shield on for reading). As you will see, there is a short assignment on TEAMs in the General Posts for our class. In a discussion, students shared their views about the advantages and disadvantages of online learning (left).

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