In the Loop: September 27, 2020

Assignments for the Week: As a reminder to at-home (Option 4) families, this timeline is for the in-class group. Your due dates are posted with your assignments on TEAMs.

  • Language: Students will complete interviews with each other this week and write their first drafts. We will focus on organization and transitions in the writing. Home Reading is due this week: students record their at-home reading in their planners 5x a week and get a parents signature.
  • Math: Students are “working at their own pace” on work that reflects a recent math assessment. There will also be a problem-solving assignment for each grade that focuses on mental math.
  • Culture: This week we will practice non-fiction reading skills, starting with gathering information from text features (such a titles, captions, maps, diagrams, etc.) in a non-fiction text about the Canadian Gold Rush. Students will then go deeper with their non-fiction reading by practicing pre-reading, summarizing and critical thinking about the text. We will take a “people’s history” approach to learning about immigrants.
  • PE: Students should dress properly for PE (runners and loose clothing) for our PE days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On clear days, we will try to have PE outside; on rainy days we will be in the gym. (On all Fridays, students should always be prepared for a neighbourhood walk, rain or shine.)
  • TEAMs: There will be a TEAMs assignment for the next few weeks that will ask students to practice an online skill. This week students are asked to attach a document (of a favourite quote) within the general chat and then read and respond to another student’s attachment. The assignment is detailed in the TEAMs General chat.

The Week Ahead:

Wednesday, September 30: Orange Shirt Day: Last week we learned the story of Phyllis Webstad whose beautiful orange shirt was taken from her when she entered a residential school at age 6. To celebrate her resilience and those of other survivors of residential schools, to honour those children who did not make it back, and to practice reconciliation, students are encouraged to wear orange shirts.


  • School fees: Please pay the school fees online using the cashonline website, if you have not already done so. More information is on the school website in the September 18 post.
  • Neighbourhood Walks field trip form: I believe a field trip permission form for neighbourhood walks was sent to families. Please print, sign and send this form in this week. There is a good chance we will go to Maple Grove Park this Friday.
  • Terry Fox Run: The Terry Fox organization is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, so it’s a big year for them. Because of the challenges surrounding conducting runs and fundraising as we typically would, we are encouraged to do the best we can with what we are given, or as this year’s slogan suggests, “#TryLikeTerry’. We will be retelling Terry Fox’s story this year (if ever there was a story to retell!) and raising funds through our school. Please see: You may learn more about Terry Fox and the Terry Fox foundation here:

Drama Circle: Canada’s First Peoples: In preparation for looking at immigrant groups to Canada, we spent some time thinking about life in Canada before the arrival of immigrants. We did a drama circle called “Turtle Island” which reminded us how the First Peoples lived before “contact” and how their lives were changed afterward. This led into our study of orange shirt day.

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