In the Loop October 11, 2020

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday weekend.

Assignments for the Week: As a reminder, this blog is most relevant for in-school students and their families, but it may be helpful for at-home learners to see what we are doing in class. Assignments, if similar, run a week ahead for in-class students.

  • Language: We will continue to tally our predicting during silent reading and read-aloud. There will be a final spelling test (on the second half of the grade-level spelling list) on Friday.
  • Math: This week, as usual, students will have their individual math and problem-solving.
  • Culture: Students have been practicing non-fiction reading skills and learning about the Gold Rush and building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad with our Peoples’ History work. Their cumulative work is due this week. We will continue to prepare for the provincial election by looking at levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal).
  • Botany: We will continue to do our rotation, focusing on botany lessons and the Montessori Great Stories.
Peoples’ History: Pre-reading, or scanning the text features, helps students find and retain more information while reading non-fiction texts.
Peoples’ History: Visualizing, reflecting and transforming are some ways students engage in critical thinking about the text.


  • Monday, October 12: Thanksgiving holiday. No school for staff or students.
  • Wednesday, October 14: Math Workshop with Ingrid Sulston. Weather permitting, we will meet with Ingrid for an outside learning workshop looking for patterns in leaves. Please register with cash online for the $5 payment. The turn-over time is a little quick since Ingrid and I have been watching the weather for a day that will work. If your payment comes in after the event, that is just fine.
  • Friday, October 23: Professional Development Day. There is no school for students.
  • Monday, October 26 and Wednesday, October 28: Goal Setting Conferences. Fall goal-setting conferences will be held in a couple of weeks. I will be sending you a form to sign up for your conference online. Note that the conferences are for both in-school and at-home students. They will last 15 minutes and will start at 2:00 pm so students will be dismissed from school at 2pm on both these days. You can expect to receive the form by next week.

Montessori Culture Rotation: This week Ms. Lucas, Ms. Griffiths and I began a rotation through the intermediate classes. For the next few weeks, students will be:

  • Creating a Timeline of Plants (with a focus on evolution) with Ms. Lucas
  • Classifying Plants (a la Linneas) and seed-saving with me
  • Revisiting the Montessori Great Stories (for the intermediate level) with Ms. Griffiths.

We teachers look forward to getting to know all the intermediate students and really enjoyed our first meetings with the other classes.


Teacher Candidate: Alexis Ricci. This week we welcomed Miss Alexis to our classroom. We will learn more about her in the coming weeks, but here are some things we do know: She prefers tea to coffee, would rather stay at home than go mountain biking, would rather play a prank on the class than on me, would rather lose her ability to see colour than lose her ability to hear music, has traveled to 20 countries, speaks French, and has a cat named Tori. Miss Alexis will be with us every Thursday through March. After spring break she will be with us every day and slowly take on more and more teaching responsibilities.

We have been able to get outside for learning almost every day. Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate.

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