In the Loop October 18, 2020

Assignments for the Week: These assignments are relevant for in-class students. Some of these assignments will be available to at-home/Option 4 students this week or next week.

  • Language: This week students will tally the predictions in their personal reading and provide written examples of their critical thinking. We will begin a review of writing conventions that will continue for the next couple of weeks. (We are done with spelling, except for make-up tests this week.) Students should be recording their Home Reading in their planners.
  • Math: Students will have individual math and a grade-level problem-solving assignment that focuses on patterns.
  • Socials (Immigration): For the next couple of weeks we will look at Chinese Immigration to Canada through various media: fiction/non-fiction (myths) and text/visuals. We will use our study to learn more about our individual learning styles.
  • Socials (Government): Our study of government will culminate this week with voting (on Thursday) in a parallel provincial election. Before that, we will look at responsibilities of the provincial government, the political spectrum, and the platforms of the candidates/parties.
  • TEAMs: I am expecting that students engage in the weekly questions/assignments on TEAMs. They are posted and due each Friday. This week’s question concerns issues of the election. I think you’ll find that students’ responses are thoughtful and engaged.


  • Friday, October 23: Professional Day. No school for students.
  • Monday, October 26 and Wednesday, October 28: Goal-setting conferences. School is dismissed at 2pm on both days so please make arrangements for your child to be picked up by 2pm as conferences begin immediately afterwards. All parents should have received an email with a link to sign up for a conference time. I will then arrange a meeting time on TEAMs through your child’s account. As we have not done online meetings before, I am crossing my fingers that the technology will run smoothly. Please be ready before your scheduled time starts and please be courteous to the parents who have a meeting scheduled after yours. I will send out a reminder next week. If you need me to re-send your child’s logins and passwords for TEAMs, please let me know.

Botany: We had a gorgeous afternoon with science educator, Ingrid Sulston, looking for patterns in the “arrangements of leaves on the stem.” Students analyzed the data they collected by observing trees on our walk to Maple Grove Park. Though we were not able to draw solid conclusions from our data, students asked great questions for further research, such as, whether evergreen or deciduous trees share similar leaf arrangement patterns OR whether vein patterns in leaves are also correlated to the patterns in which leaves are arranged on branches. Our work with Ingrid complemented the work that students have been doing with myself, Ms. Griffiths and Ms. Lucas.

Student Vote: We are excited to get ready to start to vote this week. You may have seen students responses on TEAMs: Should children be allowed vote? Many students commented that children were too young to vote as they could be “easily influenced” to vote a certain way. How astute! Nonetheless, I hope you are having engaged conversations about values and politics at home. (See the TEAMs question for this week.)

Clock Buddies: This week we picked Clock Buddies, which help us organize quickly into partners. Together, students reviewed what they learned (about the Gold Rush) from text features in our reading.

The New Building: We chatted briefly with the project manager of the new school building. Nope, we were not able to get a straight answer on when we can move in!

Class website for Students: We will be using this site I just created,, for connecting to research links. This week we will use it to learn about Chinese Immigration and to prepare for the provincial election.

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