In the Loop October 25, 2020

Assignments for the Week: These assignments are relevant for in-class students. Some of these assignments will be available to at-home/Option 4 students this week or next week.

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will continue working on writing conventions. Next week will be our last week of it and will include a test. Students should be recording their Home Reading in their planners.
  • Math: Students will have individual math and a grade-level problem-solving assignment that focuses on patterns.
  • Socials/Language: We will look at Chinese Immigration to Canada this week through myths (fiction) and a short documentary (non-fiction).
  • Botany Rotation: Students will do botany with me (classification) and Ms. Lucas (Timeline of Plants), and the Great Stories with Ms. Griffiths.
  • Art: This week we will take time in the afternoon to create art inspired by botany (and Emily Carr).
  • PE: We will likely do soccer drills in the gym this week. It is important that students have proper footwear–rubber soled shoes with laces or straps. Rubber boots are a no-no. It is supposed to rain, so students in rainboots will need to bring a change of shoes.
  • TEAMs: I am expecting that students to complete these weekly assignments. They are posted and due each Friday. This week’s task is to create a table. You can see some students have already submitted theirs.


  • Monday, October 26 and Wednesday, October 28: Goal-setting conferences. School is dismissed at 2pm on both days so please make arrangements for your child to be picked up by 2pm as conferences begin immediately afterwards. Hopefully, you have seen your meeting time on TEAMs through your child’s account. Please be ready before your scheduled time starts and please be courteous to the parents who have a meeting scheduled after yours. The conferences are 15 minutes and run back-to-back. While I prefer that it is just us (parents and teacher), it might make sense for you to include your child.

Provincial Election: Last week we spent lots of time getting prepared to vote in the upcoming election. (Polls close in just a couple of hours as I write this.) While many students shared (in a recent TEAMs assignment) that they think that children are too young to vote, I found they were very informed and could back up their opinions with solid reasoning and personal experience. Not only that, they were respectful and open to hearing other opinions. I have submitted the school’s votes to Civix, who published the results from Maple Grove and other schools around BC at 8pm on Saturday night (October 24). Go to this site: and select “Results”. It will be interesting to see how the youth vote compares to the actual vote. Below are students examples of how the different levels of government affect their lives.

Chinese Immigration to Canada: Did you know that 15,000 Chinese came to BC to build the railroads in the 1850s? And that they outnumbered the Europeans (Swedes, Italians and Brits) on their work crews 3 to 1? And that for every 1 kilometre of track that was built, 4 Chinese workers died of accidents or sickness? Or that the Chinese workers were paid two-thirds of what European workers were paid? We learned some of these facts this week, though we have lots more questions! Students did some great critical thinking this week, including visualizing the work…long, slow, hard.

Have you met Chichi? She is an important part of our classroom this year!

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