In the Loop November 1, 2020

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students complete their conventions packetsthis week. On Friday morning, there will be a conventions test.  We will begin practicing questioning, a non-fiction reading skill, during Silent Reading this week. Students will also be doing a review of children’s literature on immigration. Ms. Alexis will be sharing a huge stack of books to choose from on Monday. As always, students need to record (and get a signature) of their Home Readingin their planners five times a week. (The “week” starts on Friday afternoon.)
  • Math: Students will have problem-solving and individual math this week. For problem-solving, each grade group has been working with patterning before we look at specific problem-solving strategies. With individual math, students have been working on a range of skills operations (with multiplication and division) to pre-algebra. In January, we will start work with fractions, decimals and ratios; after spring break, we will do geometry.
  • Culture: We will continue our immigration study until December. We looked closely at the experience of early Chinese immigrants during the last couple of weeks. Now we will look at some other groups as well as focusing on the immigration process. This week, students will read and answer questions about the experience of Japanese-Canadians during the outbreak of World War II. Students will also get an assignment to complete over the next couple of weeks: an interview with an immigrant. Lastly, they will get an assignment for their first big project of the year: a research project for which they will design an (imaginary, but historically-accurate) immigrant’s suitcase. My expectation is that parents review and sign this assignment so I know that you are aware of it. For the week of November 9, students should have an idea of their immigrant’s background and whether there are sources available to support their research. We will spend a bit of time searching online in class, but it is definitely not too soon to start searching at home or through the Vancouver Public Library.
  • Art: We have been practicing art inspired by Emily Carr’s paintings of cedars. Specifically, we are working on our technique with thick, textured brushstrokes. We will work on our final paintings this week.
  • French: Ms. Pearson is expecting students to sign up for Duolingo to support their French at school. Hopefully everyone is signed up, if not the information they need is below.


  • Tuesday, November 10: Remembrance Day Assembly. Stay tuned for the exact time and a link to the assembly. Our class will be singing, “Farewell to Nova Scotia,” a version by Stompin’ Tom Stoppard.
  • “Field Trips”: November 12 and November 19 with Reel2Real and November 24 with the Museum of Vancouver. As per the guidelines of R2R and the Museum of Vancouver, these virtual field trips are available to in-class students only. Stay tuned for more information next week. A form for payment ($12 for all) will be sent to parents this week.

Practicum Student Teacher, Alexis Ricci: Ms. Alexis is in the middle of her two-week short practicum with us. She quickly learned every student’s name and has been diving right in to help students when they need it. After next week, she will be with us on Thursdays only, until she begins her long practicum in April.

Goal-Setting Conferences: It was so meaningful to meet with parents last week. While I was reluctant to do online meetings, I found they went quite well on my end, with only a few (humorous) technical glitches. It is always illuminating to meet and hear your ideas about your child’s learning. Thank you for sharing and keep in touch.

Chinese Immigration and Learning Styles: Here are some samples of students work that came in this week. Stay tuned for more. I think it is valuable for students to reflect on what and how they learned.

Botany: Last week we did some seed-saving (echinacea) and looked at the difference between seed-bearing and spore-bearing plants.

Art: Students have been working slowly and carefully to get their colours and techniques just right. They have been articulate with critiques of their work and determined to get the effect they would like. 

P.E.: Last week we competed in relays against Mr. McDonough’s class. We are hoping they challenge us with some new events next week. 

A Different Halloween, the Same Spirit: I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, all things considered. Students did not hold back with their costumes this year—wow!

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