In the Loop November 8, 2020

  • Language: This week, as with every week, students will have Home Reading. During silent reading, we are working on the critical reading skill, questioning. Students have been reading and writing about children’s books featuring the stories of immigrants. This assignment, “Immigration Stories” is due at the end of the week.
  • Math: This week students will have problem-solving and individual math.
  • Culture: This week students will learn about the incident of the Komagata Maru. They will also have an assignment to interview an immigrant (postponed from last week). This assignment will be due during the week of November 16.
  • Suitcase Project: At this point, students should have a pretty good idea of which immigrant group they would like to focus on. For homework this weekend, students are to fill out the front of a Planning Sheet. They should complete the back of the sheet by the end of the week. This week, I will show students how to take notes and samples of letters that might be part of the “suitcase.” I will also help them with the information card and ideas for their three objects. By the end of the week they should have the resources they expect to use and be taking notes. Please refer to the project assignment sheet that went home with students last week–it includes the general expectations and due dates for each component. For students who have a device available and would like to bring it to school, Monday and Thursday would be good days to have a device for research. (I should be able to get enough for all students, but some students prefer to work on their own devices.)
  • Botany:  This week we will be completing our classification of Kingdom Plantae by looking at Angiosperms. Students will continue learning the Stories of Life with Ms. Griffiths and completing a Timeline of Plants with Ms. Lucas.
  • French: As you know, students are encouraged to work on Duolingo at home. The class is also learning a song by a local artist, Gregg LeRock , called, “Ecoutons la radio”.
  • Art: We decided to stretch our latest project into one more week so students may do their final work with care. We hope to put our beautiful finals up in our new classroom!
  • TEAMs: Every Friday, a short assignment is due and a new one is posted. This week’s question is related to immigration.


  • Tuesday, November 10: Remembrance Day Assembly. We will take a moment of silence at 11:11. At 1:15 we will begin our school-wide, online assembly. You are welcome to join. A link will be sent by the office early next week. Please, also note on the school website how to donate to this year’s Poppy Fund.
  • Wednesday, November 11: Remembrance Day. No school for students or staff.
  • Thursday, November 12: Reel2Real Film Festival, “Indigenous Spotlight”. We will watch this short film collection (in class) in the afternoon. Please see the parent email to pay for this and subsequent “field trips” with
  • Thursday, November 19: Reel2Real Film Festival, “Animation: Made in Canada”. We will watch this short film collection (in class) in the afternoon.
  • Friday, November 20: Our last day in the “old” Maple Grove school.
  • Monday, November 23: Our first day in the new Maple Grove school.
  • Tuesday, November 24: Virtual Field Trip, “Immigration Nation,” with the Museum of Vancouver. 
  • Friday, November 27: Non-instructional Day. (This is like a pro-d for teachers, but it is a district-led Aboriginal Focus Day.) No school for students.

Art and Patience: I love the look of deep concentration on these faces.

Morning Walk:We had a fantastic morning playing in the fall leaves. We have been lucky to have so many beautiful, dry fall days.

Botany: Gymnosperms:This week we talked about gymnosperms (vascular, seed-bearing, non-flowering plants) like ginkos and conifers. We had some hands-on time with male and female pine cones and even took the females apart to see if we could find their seeds. (One teacher has been gathering lots of samples around Vancouver ; ))

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