In the Loop November 15, 2020

It looks like it will be a rainy week. Please make sure your children are dressed for being outside a little bit every day. Bringing a change of (dry!) socks can really make a difference.

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: This week students will complete Home Reading (recorded with a parent signature in their planners). During silent reading, student are expected to record their Questioning (5x total) which is due on Friday. For writing, we will reflect on memories from the “old” Maple Grove…which we will inhabit for just five more days!
  • Math: Students will have individual math and problem-solving.
  • Culture: Immigrant interviews “Everybody Has a Story” are due this Friday. We will also look at a timeline of immigration to Canada, before looking at the immigration process more closely next week.
  • Immigrant Suitcase Project: By last week, students should have gathered resources for their project and began taking notes. Ms. Alexis and I presented expectations for the letter and identification card. Next week, students will have time to take notes, work on their letters, and start thinking about the objects that they will put in their “suitcase”. Please see the project assignment sheet below.
  • Botany: This week students will add the final components to their botany classification charts and begin making them beautiful. They will not be due this week–maybe next week? We will not do the rotation with Ms. Lucas or Ms. Griffiths this week.
  • PE: This week we will start a dance that we will continue to do over the next few weeks. We will be spread out–very spread out–in the gym as the next week looks very rainy.
  • TEAMs Assignment: This week’s question is related to the Indigenous Spotlight films. It is optional for online students.

Immigrant Suitcase Project: All students should have this document at school each day, as well as bring it home to share with parents.


  • Thursday, November 19–Film Festival: Canadian Animation. Please send in your payment for this Reel2Real “field trip” as well as the Museum of Vancouver “Immigration Nation” virtual “field trip” next week. I will share the link for the Canadian Animation with at-home students on Monday morning.
  • Friday, November 20–Forms (x4!) due to the office. Please see the email that Ms. Peters sent out on Friday. Conveniently, all the forms are digital!
  • Friday, November 20–Last Day in the “old” Maple Grove
  • Monday, November 23–First Day in the “new” Maple Grove. This week, we will start a new schedule for recess and lunch times.
  • Tuesday, November 24–Virtual Field Trip, “Immigration Nation” with the Museum of Vancouver.

Immigration: We learned about the internment of Japanese-Canadians last week and this past week watched the following videos related to their experience:

David Suzuki’s experience:

Botany: We recently learned about non-flowering seed plants, also known as gymnosperms (Greek: gymno = naked; sperm = seed). Lots of what we learned (and more) is reinforced in a song:

Emily Carr-Inspired Art: Look at the care students put into this work. I love so much about it: the colour, the texture, the shapes, and the uniqueness of each student’s work.

The New School: We had the chance to play on the new playground (before it was officially opened)! We cannot wait for more opportunities.

Weekly Walks: Always! Rain or shine (or, hopefully…snow!)

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