In the Loop November 22, 2020

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will write the finals of their memories of “old” MG. I have really enjoyed the snippets students have shared so far. Option 4 students turned in finals last week. They were sentimental and filled with sensory details. Home Reading (with 4 entries) is due on Thursday.
  • Math: As always, students will have problem-solving and individual math.
  • Culture: All our work this week will be driven by our “field trip” on Tuesday afternoon, which includes a treasure hunt to learn about the experiences of immigrants from Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Germany and the United States.
  • Suitcase Project: This week we will work on writing descriptions of the 3 objects that students will put in their immigrant suitcases. I made examples available to online and in-class students. If students would like to bring their own devices for work on their project this week, the good days to do so will be Wednesday and Thursday (and less so, Monday and not at all on Tuesday).
  • Botany: We will continue with our Classification Charts and Timeline of Plants. There will be no rotation this week since Friday is a Pro-D Day.
  • TEAMs: This week’s TEAMs question (posted on Friday) is about last week’s Animation Film Fest.
  • PE: For PE we are doing dance on rainy days. Students should dress in comfortable clothing. If the weather is clear, we will be outside and students should dress appropriately.


  • Tuesday, November 23: Virtual Field Trip, “Immigration Nation” with the Museum of Vancouver. Students will be able to “visit” the museum for a “treasure hunt” through a 3-D program. (Option 4 folks: I talked with Charlotte at the museum about how to make “field trips” possible for you. They are looking for ways to do so, but haven’t found ways to make the really interactive part work for you…yet.)
  • Friday, November 27: Professional Day with a focus on indigenous learning. No school for students.

New weekly schedule: As we will soon (in January) have two schools on the campus, Maple Grove will have a schedule so that each school group can have its own recess and lunch time. Changing the times for recess and lunch at MG necessitated moving around the students’ French and Gym times. Please see the new schedule below. You will see that recess is longer and the lunch play time is shorter (though no outside playtime was lost). Note that students might be hungry earlier in the day–It might be a good idea to send extra snacks. I imagine we will do our own tweaking of the schedule after the first week. (I am still wrapping my head around how it will work!)

Class time
Recess snack time
in classroom
Recess play time
Class time
Lunch play time
Lunch eat time
in classroom
Class time
As always, we will be sanitizing between transitions, eating and lots in between.

The Move?!: As you saw from the letter that was sent home on Thursday afternoon, we will not be in our new classroom next week. We are still waiting to hear the exact date. I wanted to send you a snapshot of “where we are at”, as my friend from New Orleans would say:

STEM: On Thursdays, Ms. Alexis will be teaching STEM activities. She was away last Thursday, but we spent some time warming up with some building activities.

French: Students played Mother May I (I think?!) in French last week. They are learning how to talk about school topics.

Guest Visitors: Counsellor, Ms. Jo: Our new school counsellor, Ms. Jo, introduced herself to us last week. She will be at school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ms. Iris, Immigrant: Ms. Iris, a support worker at our school, shared with us her story of coming to Canada from northern China when she was four years-old. She talked about the process in which her mom came, then her dad and eventually her. Her grandparents visited and did not like it! Ms. Iris had some funny stories, like how she learned to knock on doors (instead of walking right in) and how her grandparents still don’t really understand why she is a vegetarian (and how they have tried to slip meat into her food without her noticing!). We are grateful that she shared her story with us.

Immigration History in Canada: Ms. New recommended this video to me. It shows a (fast moving) visual history of Canadian immigration through data.

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