In the Loop November 29, 2020

Farewell to the old…

Assignments for the Week: Students may find it helpful to have a device in class this week for research (maps) and looking at immigration data. I am usually able to get enough iPads for everyone, but it is not always guaranteed.

  • Language: This week, I hope students can start story-boarding our group poem about winter. (I am hope to get more submissions toward our poem on Monday.) There will also be a reading on recent (desperate and) illegal border crossings into Canada. Students will have Home Reading, as always. Though it is up to students to get your signatures, it always helps them to have a little reminder.
  • Math: This week students will have individual math and problem-solving. Next week there will be a grade-level assessment.
  • Culture: We our winding down our study of immigration by looking at current immigration trends in Canada. Students will be looking at the most recent census data to answer questions and graph the trends. Next week (the week of Dec 7), students will create a graph that compliments their immigrant suitcase project.
  • Project: This week students should finalize their descriptions of their three objects. It is important that these descriptions are developed (not just a few sentences) and that they reflect research which presents the historical context of the object. This week I will show students how they might create a map for their project. Ms. Alexis is working with students in class to create an authentic looking document, though online students will need to do this on their own. As for the photograph of the immigrant, I will offer suggestions for this during the week. Students should have an idea of what they want to place all their objects in: a satchel, a fancy suitcase, a duffle bag…whatever fits their immigrant.
  • French: Students are working on creating a film for a French song. If they want to record on their own devices, they should bring them. They should also bring props for their film. Students are also expected to do some Duolingo at home (20 minutes a week?). As a reminder, French is now on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • PE: We will be doing fitness outside on clear days; dancing (really, zumba) on rainy days. As a reminder, PE is now on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Rotation: We will continue our rotation this week.
Old School, new school….and best of all (?), new playground!

Calendar: As far as I know, there are no events planned. Some things to keep in mind, though, that the last day of school before the holiday is Friday, December 18. School commences in the new year on Monday, January 4. (Obviously, these dates are subject to the latest directives from our provincial authorities!)

Virtual Field Trip: “Immigration Nation”: Students successfully “navigated” through the Museum of Vancouver (and the 1900s) to answer questions about immigration to Canada–including the stories of Russian immigrant William Morris, entrepreneur Yip Sang and refugees from Vietnam. We also learned about how immigration policy changed over time to become less race-based (and racist) and based on the points system.

Stem Challenges with Ms. Alexis: Students were challenged this week to build structures that were a metre high using spaghetti and playdough.

Farewell to the “Old” Maple Grove–For real, this time!: On Friday, we packed up for the last time. We look forward to starting the next chapter in the “new” Maple Grove on Monday.

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