In the Loop December 6, 2020

Assignments for the Week: This week the workload will be lighter so that students may spend time working on their suitcase projects. They are encouraged to bring what they need to class so they may work during work periods.

  • Language: Students will have will finish their story boards for our Winter Moments films then start creating their visuals. The will also have Home Reading.
  • Math: Students will have a math assessment on Monday morning. Based on their performance, I will assign individual math work for this week and next. Students will also have problem-solving.
  • Culture: We will finish our “Immigration Math“, which involves evaluating census data and creating circle, bar and line graphs.
  • Suitcase Project: This is the final week for students to work on their project before they present to their classmates next week. In addition to the letter/journal, 3 objects and descriptions, map, photographs, documents and I.D. card, students will also create a graph that puts their immigrant’s experience in a larger context. I will show students how to complete these graphs on Monday and Tuesday, as well as suggest resources for finding data for their graphs. For examples of past projects, see below.


  • Winter Break: The last day of school before Winter Break is Friday, December 18. School resumes again on Monday, January, 4.
  • Care Boxes for the Lookout Society: In the past, our class made care boxes for people in need on the Downtown Eastside through the Lookout Society. The Lookout Society provides health and housing support for vulnerable people living in poverty in the Lower Mainland. This year, for a variety of reasons, we are doing things a little differently. We will donate extra personal care items that I have saved from last year and we will make holiday cards with well wishes. I will also be making a cash donation. We will be sending our cards and gifts to the Lookout Society on Monday, December 15.
  • Holiday Hampers: Please join our school’s annual Holiday Hamper. You may have seen the notice in the November 20 post in the school blog: “Maple Grove Elementary is continuing our school’s tradition with our Holiday Hamper Drive. This is to help families in need at our sister school, Nightingale Elementary….If every student at Maple Grove donated a minimum of $5.00, (of course donations above $5.00 would be most appreciated) we would be able to purchase a nice number of gift cards from Nightingale’s local grocery store to give to the families. …The collection period will be November 25th to December 9th.” Please see the email that went home to families in mid-November with a link to Cashonline.
  • Classroom Gift Exchange: We have not organized it yet, but students have asked for a gift exchange with the class. I expect we will draw names this week and we will conduct the gift exchange during the week of December 7.

Suitcase Projects: This week students will be finalizing the parts of their suitcase project. To see some examples of “suitcases” that students created in 2017, go to the January 7 post for our class: or see some examples below. I have added links for resources to the site for students: There are examples of maps, documents, photos, as well as links to sources. (Sometimes you need to type in the address to get to the site.)

Here are some examples of the graphs students created in 2017:

STEM Challenges: This week, Ms. Alexis brought more challenges for our budding engineers.

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