In the Loop December 13, 2020

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have Home Reading. They will also finish their segment of our stop-motion animation poem (which hopefully we can share at the end of the week…).
  • Math: Last week students completed a term assessment on operation. On Monday, students will complete a pre-assessment on fractions so that I may prepare their individualized work for next term. There will also be a problem-solving assignment.
  • Culture/Suitcase Projects: When are projects due? This week for sure–no later. Students may turn in their projects on the day they present to our class (Tuesday or Wednesday). On Thursday we will present to the other students in our pod.
  • Suitcase presentation to parents: Please see the email that was sent on Friday with an assignment that students present their projects to their families at home. The response form (completed by parents) is due on Friday (not Thursday).
  • TEAMs: There is a question posted to the TEAMs General channel about immigration. Students should reply to this question by Friday afternoon.


  • Tuesday, December 15 and Wednesday, December 16: Immigrant Suitcase projects are due.
  • Tuesday, December 15: Gift-giving to the Lookout Society. We will be giving homemade cards and a cash donation to this organization that works on housing and health solutions for the Greater Vancouver area.
  • Thursday, December 17: Celebration of Learning: We will share our suitcase projects within our pod.
  • Thursday, December 17 and Friday, December 18: Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Students have coordinated a gift exchange within our class. Students should have a wrapped gift with a maximum value of $15. They may bring it as soon as Monday and definitely by Thursday. The gift can be homemade or a re-gift, of course! A note: students should write on the gift who it is FOR, but not who it is FROM…guessing is part of the fun.
  • Friday, December 18: This is the last day of classes before the holiday break. We will be watching a documentary (one of my favourites!) that was shown years ago at the Reel2Real film festival called “All the Time in the World.” It is about a family’s experience living in “the bush” (the Yukon) for a year. I thought it would be an appropriate fit for our current experience: living in close quarters (and isolation) with our families–and finding the joy in it. I recommend rewatching it with your families. (It is available for rent or purchase on vimeo). The trailer is below:

Eating noodles with your hands?: It has been done…that is, some students have found themselves without cutlery in their lunches–which has been particularly challenging with rice or noodles. It is a good idea for students to keep an extra fork, spoon, or set of chopsticks at school. While you’re at it, send a pair of dry socks for our especially rainy days. It is also expected that each student have a mask at school every day. It is also nice to have an extra, just in case.

Ramen Noodle Soup To Go (Easy) | Pickled Plum Food And Drinks

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