In the Loop January 3, 2020

Happy New Year!

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have an etymology assignment each week. (Grade 6s will have a practice quiz every Wednesday and a test every Friday; Grade 4s and 5s will have a test every other Friday.) We will begin Writer’s Workshop by responding to prompts. The goal for the end of the week is to have an idea for a draft to work on for the next couple of weeks.
  • Math: Students will have individual math work based on our pre-assessment from a few weeks ago. There will be a problem-solving assignment for each grade level.
  • Culture: This week students will do some introductory activities to observe and understand force and what change a force. Most of our work will be hands-on and discussion-based at first, thought students will use a science textbook for reference of terms and ideas.
  • Core Competencies: This week students will also work on a MORC (My Own Report Card) to evaluate themselves for the term. This MORC will accompany each student’s formal report card and is a valuable assessment in itself.


  • Monday, January 4: School begins for 2021.
  • Monday, January 18: Professional Day. No school for students.
  • Friday, January 29: Term 1 formal report cards sent
  • Friday, February 12: Lunar New Year: Year of the Ox
  • Friday, February 12: Professional Day. No school for students
  • Monday, February 15: No school for staff and students
  • Friday, March 12: Last day of school before spring break

Learning this Term: As you can see above, we will be doing Writer’s Workshop, an open-ended writing block built around mini-lessons and writing prompts. Students work through the writing process, brainstorming an idea and peer-revising. For culture, we will be focusing on science, namely, physics. Our first work will be with forces before we look more closely at simple machines. We will use scientific inquiry and hands-on activities to draw conclusions from our observations. There will be a (building) project in late February/early March.

Celebration of Learning: This event was not the same this year because we were not able to invite the whole school or our families, yet…we were able to enjoy the work of Ms. Lucas’ and Ms. Griffiths’ classes. The at-home presentations were meaningful, going by the feedback from parents and students. Thank you to everyone for being flexible and “rolling with it.” I love seeing the photos of students and their families sharing their projects at home!

(In-class) students’ suitcases:

Giving in the Community: Thank you to all the families who supported our PAC fundraiser that benefitted families-in-need at Nightengale Elementary. Students made holiday cards for clients of the Living Room, the Lookout Society‘s drop-in centre, which hosts a holiday celebration each year. Janice Lovick, a program coordinator, stopped by to pick up the cards and a donation. She described the work that she does at that centre to help get clients a meal and housing.

Secret Santa: Our (student-organized) gift exchange was a lively event this year. Some surprises…and lots of candy.

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