In the Loop January 10, 2020

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have an etymology assignment. All grades will have a test this Friday. After mini-lessons on building plot, students will work on their drafts during Writer’s Workshop. The drafts should be done by the end of the week, so students may choose to work on them at home.
  • Math: Students will have individual math work based on our pre-assessment from a few weeks ago. There will be a problem-solving assignment for each grade level.
  • Culture: We will continue to look at factors that shape force before designing a “fair test” of surface texture. 
  • PE: We are doing fitness testing and cooperative games for PE. Students will complete a fitness survey.
  • Art: This week we will create landscapes with the paper dyed last week.
  • Core Competencies: Students’ MORCs (My Own Report Card) are due this week.
  • TEAMs: There is a TEAMs question posted regarding the fields of science. See below.
This graphic shows some of the branches of science, building on the three main branches in the BC curriculum.


  • Monday, January 18: Professional Day–No school for students.
  • Friday, January 29: Term 1 formal report cards (paper copies) sent home  
  • Friday, February 12: Lunar New Year: Year of the Ox
  • Friday, February 12: Professional Day–No school for students
  • Monday, February 15: No school for staff and students
  • Friday, March 12: Last day of school before spring break

Writer’s Workshop: Silence. That is what we have during Writer’s Workshop as students write to the prompts they have been given. At the end, students share their work with the class and, oh my, I wish parents could be their to hear the stories they conjure–some dark, some bizarre, some humorous.

Exploring Forces: We did several hands-on activities this week to observe and discuss forces. This included collecting data on how high a ball bounces with and without force, and exerting different types of force on an object (without touching it). We tested friction by run and stopping on cement, wet grass and the gym floor (in our socks!). We experienced friction by rubbing our hands with and without soap and (cover your ears!) rubbing together pieces of sandpaper.

Art: Next week we will use the “medium” we created this week to make landscapes.

I was impressed with how hard students work during fitness testing this week. They are recording their performance so that they may compete against…themselves.
Presenting Sir Benjamin Spraybottle, our new hand-sanitizer.

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