In the Loop January 24, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Final drafts are due first thing on Monday (tomorrow). Students may either type or write their finals. It is okay if parents want to help with typing. If it is on lined paper, it should be written in blue or black ink and on one side of the paper only. Students know to turn in their first drafts, the peer evaluation sheet and the evaluation sheet with their finals. There will be an etymology assignment and quiz (on Friday) for all grade levels.
  • Math: Students will continue to focus on fraction work for their individual math. There will be problem-solving this week.. 
  • Culture (Science): We will look a little more deeply at forces this week, namely, inertia. Later in the week, ask your child to show you some of the activities that we did in class. There will be a quiz on forces on Wednesday or Thursday.


  • Friday, January 29: Report cards are sent home with students. For students in Division 17 last year, the format will look slightly different, but they will still be in print–not digital. For families in Option 4: I believe the office is arranging a pick-up day for families.
  • Lunar New Year: The Year of the Ox begins on Friday, February 12, but the festival is celebrated from February 11-28.
  • Family Day: Family Day Weekend is January 12-15. There is not school Friday, February 12 or Monday, February 15.

Science Processes: Students designed and applied their own experiments to study the effect of surface texture on force. Our cheer is “Get good data!”–and they did!

Writer’s Workshop: As you know, students are working on narrative writing (with final pieces due Monday). An important part of the Writing Process is peer revision. We will do lots more practice with this, as learning to give meaningful feedback is an essential skill for a writer.

STEM: Last week, Ms. Alexis gave students the the challenge of creating two structures with their given objects. The expectations were that one could withstand a “windstorm” and one would fall over. After much tinkering, they were all successful.

Tissue Art: What beautiful colour and diversity in styles!

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