In the Loop January 31, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students began new drafts for Writer’s Workshop this week. We continue to work on narrative writing (stories), with lessons on foreshadowing, writing dialogue, sentence structure and revising. Students’s stories may be true or fictional, but they should demonstrate the narrative elements we have been working on (particularly, how to build tension in the conflict). Next week, student will continue to work on their first drafts. Final drafts will be due the week of February 8. There will be an etymology assignment and a quiz for grade 6s on Friday.
  • Math: Students will take a decimal pre-assessment this week. For their individual math, they will continue to work on fractions and then start decimal work. There will be a problem-solving assignment this week. 
  • Culture (Science): This week we will start to look closely at simple machines, starting with “work” they do…that they do the same work, with less effort. Then, we will look at the work of each machine.


  • Lunar New Year: The Year of the Ox begins on Friday, February 12, but the festival is celebrated from February 11-28.
  • Family Day: Family Day Weekend is January 12-15. There is no school Friday, February 12 or Monday, February 15.

Reports: As you know, report cards went home with students last Friday, January 29. Please be sure to look closely at your child’s MORC (My Own Report Card) which, in many ways, is a better “assessment of learning” than the formal report card.

STEM Activities: This week with Ms. Alexis, students took slow-mo films and then discussed the scientific dynamics that they demonstrated. Some of the things they filmed: a feather and a balloon falling, a slinky “walking” down stairs, bouncing balls of different sizes.

Forces: Ask your children how these activities demonstrate inertia. And then try them at home!

Lessons from our “Elders”: This year, grade 6 students are expected to teach a lesson to the class. Our first lesson, which was well-paced and “challenging but not too challenging,” presented track and field warm-ups, stretches and sprints.

Art Inspired by Ted Harrison: With Ms. Lucas, students created landscapes inspired by the work of Yukon artist, Ted Harrison.

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