In the Loop February 7, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Final drafts for Writer’s Workshop are due on Thursday, February 11. These our the second pieces of narrative writing, fiction or non-fiction. Students will be evaluated on building the conflict and characters, as well as demonstrating sentence fluency and creating satisfying conclusions. There will be no etymology assignment this week, nor critical reading.
  • Math: This week, as students transition from fraction to decimal work, they will have a Fraction Assessment and Decimal pre-assessment (for me to determine how to individualize decimal work). There will be a problem-solving assignment this week. 
  • Culture (Science): This week we will finish looking at the different types of levers and start work with incline planes and wedges.


  • Lunar New Year: The Year of the Ox begins on Friday, February 12, but the festival is celebrated from February 11-28.
  • Family Day: Family Day Weekend is January 12-15. There is no school Friday, February 12 or Monday, February 15.

Foundational Skills Assessment (FSA): Please see the notices coming home this week from me and from Ms. Cucurollo and Mr. Land about the FSA. The FSA is administered to grades 4, 7 and 10 throughout BC. FSAs will take place for five sessions during the week of February 15 and February 22. An accommodation is in place for grade 4s who are currently doing Option 4.

Writing: Such deep concentration during Writer’s Workshop!

French: With Mme Pearson, students are practicing dialogues with words and phrases for describing themselves, using the list of adjectives (“qualities morales”) and the framework below.

Question: Quelles qualités décris-tu?

Answer: Je suis … (fill in with adjective(s))

Simple Machines: Science work this week involved studying the work and parts of levers. Students designed their own experiments to test the effect on effort force when the load is moved closer or farther from the fulcrum in a first-class lever.

STEM Activities: Constructivist learning is “learning by doing” or “discovery learning.” Ms. Alexis taught knot-tying this week by giving students the final product, some plain rope and coaching them to…figure it out–which they did!

Grade 6 Lesson: Ballet!: We learned the 5+ positions in ballet, including how to hold our arms. It was a good challenge–even the teachers joined in!

Art: This week’s Valentine’s theme is inspired by the work of American pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud. We focused on texture (strokes) and colour in these works.

Lunar New Year: Students finalized the origami lanterns they created with Ms. Lucas.

Showing Your Knowing (SYK) with the Great Stories: Students are designing creative ways to “show their knowing” about the Montessori Great Stores presented by Ms. Griffiths for the past couple of months. They will have Fridays (except for this Friday) to work on their projects which will be presented in class on Friday, March 5.

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