In the Loop February 21, 2021

Assignments for the WeekThere will be less work for grade 4s as we conclude the FSA tests.

  • Language: We will continue to work on technical writing, focusing on writing instructions. There will also be an etymology assignment this week.
  • Math: Students will be assigned individual math on decimal work. There will be a problem-solving assignment for grade 5s and 6s, but not grade 4s, as they are taking the FSA.
  • Science: This week we will conclude our exploration of simple machines, finishing up with pulleys. Students should turn in their completed work from the text and from our work with simple machines kits. There will be a test on simple machines on Wednesday or Thursday. For the next couple of weeks before spring break, students will work on a Rube Goldberg-inspired project. We will go over the project expectations at the end of the week, so expect your children to be gathering supplies (toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes) over next weekend.
  • Health: Grade 5s and 6s will read an article on sleep and respond to comprehension and critical thinking questions.
  • Art: Students are working on graphic-novel style art, creating one page of panels that includes a zoom-in and a zoom-out.


  • Monday, February 22 or as soon as possible: Sports consent waiver due (only) for students who would like to participate in before-school basketball practice. Please see the email that was sent home on Friday.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, February 23 – 25: FSA Testing: Grade 4s will be participating in 3 more one-hour sessions next week. The testing will be done in the classroom while grade 5s and 6s have a work period.
  • Wednesday, February 24: Pink Shirt Day Assembly: This will be a virtual assembly in the afternoon. I am still waiting to hear whether and if this assembly will be made available to Option 4 students.
  • Friday, March 12: Last day of classes before spring break.

Technical Writing: We are switching gears in our writing focus from creative writing to technical writing, also known as procedural writing. Last week we did an exercise practicing clear oral communication. Next week, we will practice instructional communication in writing.

French: Students have been working with descriptive words in French. They are working on describing an animal.

Simple Machines: Students continued to work with wedges and inclined planes.

With Ms. Alexis’ guidance, students figured out how to construct moveable and fixed pulleys.

Helping Out at MG: We are still unpacking at MG…This week students helped move chairs out of the gym storage so we can have room for all our PE equipment.

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