In the Loop February 28, 2021

Assignments for the WeekAs we roll into the last two weeks before spring break, assignments are more project-based*.

  • Language: We will look at techniques for technical writing* (instructional writing) and students will begin the draft of an assignment that will be due in final form on March 12. Students will be provided instructions and criteria next week. This is our last week of etymology. There will be an assignment as well as a test on Friday.
  • Math: Students will continue individual math related to decimals. All students will have a problem-solving assignment.
  • Science: This week, students will have class time to start building a Rube Goldberg machine* for an assignment that was introduced last week and is due on March 11. Working in groups of their choice, students are expected to bring supplies for their machine starting on Monday (tomorrow). They are encouraged to use household supplies and not purchase materials. By the end of the week, all groups should have gathered their materials and started building.
  • Art: Students will start finalizing their graphic-novel style art* (which I am calling “visual narrative”). The finals will be due next week.


  • Wednesday, March 10: As you may have seen in a recent email from acting-principal, Mr. Land, there will be a code red drill on Wednesday afternoon of next week.
  • Friday, March 12: Last day of classes before spring break.
  • Friday, April 2 and Monday, April 5: No school.

Technical WritingWe are switching gears in our writing focus from creative writing to technical writing, also known as procedural writing. Last week we did an exercise to practice writing instructions for abstract drawings. These were some of the pictures that were originally drawn…

…and these were the drawings done by following written instructions for them:

We took some time to critique the differences:

Simple Machines: We finished our work with wheels and axles…

…and other hands on work…

…before culminating our work focussing on each simple machine.

STEM Challenge: Build a bridge: With Ms. Alexis this week, students were challenged to build a bridge between two desks that a car could go over with given materials (paper, play dough, pasta). Students who accomplished this were given more challenging tasks.

Incredible weather had us playing in snow and sunshine …on the same day!

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