In the Loop March 7, 2021

Monday morning!

Assignments for the Week: This week, students will be completing 3 continuing projects*.

  • Language: Final works of technical writing* (instructions) are due in final form on Friday, March 12.
  • Math: Students will have individual math related to decimals as well as a decimal assessment later in the week. All students will have a problem-solving assignment. 
  • Science: Students will have time in class to complete their Rube Goldberg machines* which are due on March 11.
  • Art: Finals of the graphic-novel style art* (which I am calling “visual narrative”). The finals will be due next week.


  • Mondays and Wednesdays: Basketball for grade 6s/7s in the gym at 8:15 for students who have signed a waiver form. (Let me know if you would like one for your child.) Exception: This week, Wednesday’s basketball practice will be during recess.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Basketball for grade 4s/5s in the gym at 8:15 for students who have signed a waiver form.
  • Spirit Days the week of March 8: Monday is Monochrome Day, Wednesday is Fashion Trend Day, and Friday is Pajama Day.
  • Wednesday, March 10: As you may have seen in a recent email from acting-principal, Mr. Land, there will be a code red drill on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Friday, March 12: Last day of classes before spring break.
  • Friday, April 2 and Monday, April 5: No school.
  • Week of April 6: Student-led Conferences: The annual student-led conferences are scheduled for the afternoons of Tuesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 8:
  • Weeks of April 14-23: Reel2Real International Film Festival for Youth: I will be purchasing a pass for streaming access to short films, documentaries and feature films during these weeks. Please look out for a “field trip form” for payment during the week of March 29, after spring break. I am enquiring to see that I may make the films available for Option 4 students.

Pandemic Protocol: Even though we all how to practice health and safety during this pandemic and even though expectations are reinforced every day, I rely on students to follow the expected protocols. Please review with your child proper health and safety protocols at school, especially those for snack and lunch time.

Design, Build, Tinker, Redesign: Students are working in groups to design their Rube Goldberg machines which are due at the end of the week. Just in this last week, students have shown their ability to re-think and re-work their designs to get them right–so important for critical thinking!

Designing (Binary Code) Jewelry: Students began work with Ms. Alexis last week designing bracelets with designs based on binary code. Next week, they will build their own looms to create beaded bracelets. As a reminder, if students have not brought a (small) cardboard box (like a tissue box or a shoe box), they are encouraged to do so for Thursday.

Kinesthetic Learning in French: Mme Pearson has been using kinesthetic methods to help students learn French vocabulary. They are also focusing on the pronunciation of vowel sounds.

Student Projects on the Great Stories: For Ms. Griffiths, students are retelling parts of the Great Stories that they learned with her over the last couple of months. Some groups presented last week; the rest will present this coming week.

Guest Teacher: For basketball this week we had a guest teacher lead handling drills. Acting principal, Mr. Land, is also leading the weekly morning basketball practices for intermediate students.

Weekly Walk: We enjoyed our blustery walk last week–lots of fallen branches to collect along the way.

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