In the Loop March 28, 2021

I hope Division 17 families enjoyed a restful spring break.

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will begin Montessori grammar work, beginning with a review (and refresher) of what they studied last year. This term, grade 4s will focus on nouns and adjectives; grade 5s on verbs; and grade 6s on “reading analysis”–studying the parts of sentences (subject, predicate, etc.). Students will be introduced to their literature circle group at the end of the week. The first literature circle will meet on Thursday, April 8. All students will need to complete the assigned reading and have a lit circle bookmark prepared. For many students, the weekend will be a good time to complete their reading.
  • Math: Students will have a geometry assignment to review geometry nomenclature and concepts. To start, grade 4s will work with symmetry; grade 5s and 6s will identify and measure angles. There will also be a problem-solving assignment for each grade level.
  • Science: Students will begin an anatomy unit taught by Ms. Alexis, our class’ practicum student.
  • Career: Students will prepare for the student-led conferences that they will present at home during the week of April 6. Your child should be setting aside a time to conference with you for 30 minutes during this week.


  • Friday, April 2 and Monday, April 5: Holidays. No school for students.
  • Week of April 6: Student-led conferences. There will be a brief evaluation for parents to fill out.
  • Thursday, April 15: Let’s Talk Science will be presenting an (online) lesson related to anatomy.

Math this term: You may know that geometry is a major component of the Montessori curriculum, taught as a separate subject in Montessori training. I find the Montessori geometry to be advanced beyond the BC curriculum standards. For the remainder of the year, our math work will be Montessori geometry with an eye on the grade level standards in the BC curriculum. Each grade level will focus on the same work based on lessons I present at the beginning of the week. We will continue to do problem-solving each week, this term focusing on visual/spatial challenges and logic.

Rube Goldberg Machines: Though some groups had their fingers crossed until the final day, I am glad to say that all groups were successful in seeing their Rube Goldberg machines complete their intended tasks. As you can see below, all groups were expected to communicate the work being performed by their machine.

Technical Writing: Students put care and detail into their technical writing. See some of the topics below:

French: Some more basic questions from French. See if your children can answer–or ask–these questions.

Badminton: We love playing badminton and find our badminton time is over before we know it! One of our games, Tidy the Court, has each team serving as many birdies as they can, “cleaning” the court quickly in order to less birdies than the other team before the whistle blows.

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