In the Loop April 5, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have grammar work this week. The first literature circle meeting will happen for all groups: Tiger, Tiger and Number the Stars will meet on Wednesday morning; The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Because of Mr. Terupt and Rowan of Rin will meet on Thursday morning. The reading schedule is below. In order to join the discussion, students will need to complete their lit circle bookmark. They will be evaluated on their contribution to discussion as well as on a written reflection.
  • Math: For geometry this week, grade 4s will continue to work with symmetry; grade 5s will work with measuring and constructing angles, and grade 6s will do more complicated work with angles and have a quiz. Grade 5s will get a new problem-solving assignment; grade 4s and 6s may continue their work assigned last week.
  • Science: Students will look more closely at the musculoskeletal system with Ms. Alexis next week.
  • Career: Students will prepare for the student-led conferences that they will present at home during the week of April 6. Your child should be setting aside a time to conference with you for 30 minutes during this week. Please note that I will sent home a brief evaluation sheet for parents next week.


  • Monday, April 5: Holiday. No school for students or staff.
  • Tuesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 8Students are dismissed at 2pm both days for student-led conferences. Please arrange for your child to be picked up by 2pm as I will be involved in conferences with Option 4 students during this time. In-school students should have arranged a time to present to their parents some time next week.
  • Thursday, April 15: Ms. Alexis will be presenting a lesson in collaboration with the team at Let’s Talk Science.
  • Wednesday, April 13-26: Reel 2 Real Film Festival for Youth. This year the festival is online (and not available to Option 4 students–sorry). We will have access to over 10 feature films and dozens of short films and documentaries, though we will only watch 1-2 feature films and some of the short films. Please see the request for payment ($4 or so) that will be sent via email next week.

Covid Protocols and Masks: As you saw in the notice home to parents last week, students in grades 4 and up are now required to wear masks at school except when eating and doing vigorous (distanced) physical exercise. Students were issued two reusable masks in March and we have more in reserve in the classroom. I appreciate everyone’s effort to make our classroom safe.

Student-led Conferences: Students have been practicing presenting their conferences with each other. Next week they present to you!

Anatomy: Students looked at the skeletal system last week. In addition to learning 3 main functions of our skeletons (support, movement and protection), they learned 4 types of joints (ball and socket, hinge, pivot and ellipsoidal) and how they help us move. Students had hands-on experience designing moving joints…and then, to appreciate how our joints help us move, we tried walking as if our elbows and knees could not move!

Binary Bracelets: In early March, Ms. Alexis taught students to write a message using binary code. This week, using looms they built themselves, students began weaving their coded messages with beads. The work is challenging!

Volleyball: Last week, Ms. Alexis presented creative ways to practice ball handing for volleyball.

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