In the Loop April 11, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have a grammar assignment. They will continue to follow last week’s literature circle schedule (below). Expectations of literature circles are to: 1) do the weekly reading, 2) write 3 critical thinking comments on the bookmark (or a separate piece of paper), 3) participate in small group discussion and 4) complete a written evaluation. Students who do not have their bookmark comments ready on our meeting day will not be permitted to participate in discussion. Students should be preparing for Week 2.

This week there will be a slight change to the meeting times: Tiger, Tiger and Number the Stars will meet on Wednesday, Because of Mr. Terupt and The Witch of Blackbird Pond will meet on Thursday, and Rowan of Rin will meet on Friday.

  • Math: There will be geometry and problem-solving assignments this week.
  • Science: Last week, students completed thier first anatomy quiz this week which looked at bones and muscles. This week, they will begin study of the respiratory and circulatory systems and build add to their “bodies” (see blue cut-outs). Ms. Alexis has arranged for a (virtual) lesson and hands-on activity on DNA with Let’s Talk Science on Thursday.


  • Thursday, April 15: Let’s Talk Science virtual lesson facilitated by Ms. Alexis.
  • Thursday, April 15, Friday, April 16, Thursday, April 22 & Friday, April 23: We will be enjoying films and documentaries from R2R. Please see the online payment form that was sent home. The cost of the film series is $3.50. We are so fortunate to have these international, award-winning films available to us at such a reasonable cost. Here is a link to the films, a fraction of which we will watch: short films and feature films. Sorry, but these films cannot be made available to Option 4 students.
  • Friday, April 16: To MG Park: On Friday morning, all intermediate Montessori students will walk to MG Park for the morning for activities and to reveal … the tree that will represent our pod. As you may recall, students voted in January to choose between: Magnolia, Douglas Fir, Cedar and Arbutus. We will walk back at recess. Students who are in Option 4 are welcome to join us. We expect to be at the park by 9:30 and to leave by 11:00.

Covid Protocols and Masks: Ms. Alexis, Ms. Adams, Ms. Corbett, Ms. Lucas, Ms. Griffiths and I are the teachers who work in the intermediate Montessori pod. We are all appreciative of students’ commitment to keeping our pod safe by cooperating with all Covid protocols, including the new mask mandate for grades 4.

Literature Circles: Lit circles got a good start last week, doing just what they are best at: providing a discussion space for sharing ideas that help students appreciate the novel and gain new insights into the plot and characters. While students are evaluated for their preparation, they are also assessed for active listening, the clarity with which they communicate their ideas, and their critical thinking.

Anatomy: While students have just started this unit, they have already come up with some great inquiry questions–some of which might be explored for a research project in May.

Binary Beading: Students are working hard on the very detailed task of turning thier binary messages into beaded bracelets. Students should expect to have a completed bracelet or charm by the end of the week.

Rotation: Busy hands this week with the “rotation” with lessons with Ms. Griffiths and Ms. Lucas. With me, students prepared “seed bombs” to distribute on Earth Day (April 22).

With Ms. Lucas, students are continuing to create Islamic-style mosaics. I hear that they are designed to tesselate when they are done!

With Ms. Griffiths, students created Flat Lay photographs, like the one below. Ms. G posted more examples of student work on the general channel of TEAMs. Students are encouraged to create more photographs at home and post them to TEAMs.

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