In the Loop April 18, 2021

Assignments for the Week: Work for this week will be similar to last week’s.

  • Language: Students will have a grammar assignment and literature circles this week (reading, bookmark, discussion and evaluation). Students should be preparing for Week 3.

Tiger, Tiger and Number the Stars will meet on Wednesday. Because of Mr. Terupt , The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Rowan of Rin will meet on Thursday.

  • Math: There will be geometry and problem-solving assignments this week.
  • Science: We will continue to work on the respiratory system and then spend some time looking at blood (not actual blood!). Students are continuing to research about the different systems and glue their notes onto their life-size cut-outs of their bodies. 


  • Monday, April 26: Professional Day. No school for students.
  • Wednesday, April 28: Individual Photo Day (in the morning). Please see the school blog for more information.

Geometry: After a couple weeks of reviewing geometry concepts, we are adding one of my favourite aspects of geometry: showing “proofs” and reasoning for our observations of lines, angles and polygons. 

Anatomy: This week students looked at the cardio-vascular system, particularly the gas exchange involved in respiration.

Let’s Talk Science: Students learned about the role and components of DNA and then created a double helix structure out of twirlers and jujubes. We talked about how every living thing has DNA within its cells and how DNA was the code which makes up every part of who we are. Once we understood what DNA does for us, we extracted some strands of DNA from strawberries! 

Tree Reveal: On Friday, students learned the result of their vote in February: We will be the Douglas Fir pod. Thanks to Ms. Lucas and Ms. Griffiths, we learned a song and a story about these magnificent native trees. We look forward to building on these trees as a theme in the years to come!

Flat Lay Photography: If you didn’t get a chance to see the flat lay photography that students did with Ms. Griffiths, be sure to check it out in the General chat on TEAMs.

Real2Reel International Festival for Youth: We began enjoying the offerings from R2R this week, first with a collection of indigenous films, “Indigenous Spotlight” which presented the following themes: intergenerational learning, connection to the land, family and community, and healing and reconciliation. More about those films is here. On Friday, we watched, “Fritzi-A Revolutionary Tale”, a feature film about a girl witnessing political changes in 1989 Germany. More about “Fritzi” can be found here .

Outdoor lunches: As the weather has be wonderful all week we have begun eating outside. Between the beautiful weather and the added safety, we are planning to continue whenever possible. As we do in the class, students read silently as they finish up their food and we enjoy a bit of outdoor reading time after lunch. We are requesting the donation of a large bag (like the blue ikea bags) to carry lunch kits and save us a trip back to class between play time and lunch time.

French: Students are working with adjectifs and articles.

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