In the Loop April 25, 2021

Assignments for the Week

  • Language: Students will have a grammar assignment. Students should be preparing for their final week of literature circles (Week 4), so they should be finishing their novels this week. Tiger, Tiger and Number the Stars will meet on Wednesday. Because of Mr. TeruptThe Witch of Blackbird Pond and Rowan of Rin will meet on Thursday. Students will receive a new book for a second round of literature circles on Friday.
  • Math: There will be geometry this week, but no problem-solving (because it is a short week).
  • Science: This week (and next week) we are starting to look at the digestive systems and what happens to the food we eat. 
  • Drama/literary study: We will begin reading through the script of Twelfth Night this week, engaging in drama activities which will help our literary study and preparation of the play. Please be sure to pay for the script through cashonline if you have not already.


  • Monday, April 26: Professional Day. No school for students.
  • Wednesday, April 28: Individual Photo Day (in the morning). Option 4 students may come to the school at 10:30 am for their photos. A composite class photo will be created from individual class photos. Please see the school blog for more information.

Literature Circles: Students have shown progress in their critical thinking and in their ability to build on each others’ ideas during literature circles.

Anatomy:  This week we finished our discussions around the circulatory system and the components of blood. We also had an engaging conversation around how your immune system fights bacteria and viruses, and how masks and vaccines are helping to keep us safe until we as a society can deal with Covid 19. Ask your child about the four major components of blood (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma) or about how vaccines protect us from getting sick. 

Twelfth Night / Drama: As predicted by some students but officially announced on Friday, we will be performing Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare for this year’s play. Ms. Alexis guided students through reading key objects to make inferences about the plot.

Afterwards, students had fun creating their own possible plots built around these objects. Next week, we will begin by reading the play, gaining an understanding of the characters, and practicing dramatic skills through drama games. 

Earth Day: Earth Day (Thursday), We had a great time celebrating the Earth and all it does for us, as well as talking about what we can do for it. Students did chalk graffiti at the front of the school with our favourite quotes or sayings about the Earth and then we then we went for a walk to the Arbutus Greenway to plant the seed cookies, which were prepared a few weeks ago. Along the walk, we appreciated the wonderful sunshine and flowers. With the rain over the next few days, the seed cookies will dissolve into the ground and our collection of local wildflowers (and pollinators) will begin to grow. 

Class Meeting: Students continue to take turns leading our weekly class meetings every Friday morning. The student-facilitator begins with a land acknowledgement, reminds us of the guidelines for our meetings, leads a check-in and facilitates announcements and discussion items.

Grade 6 Lessons: Grade 6 students are expected to teach a lesson to the rest of the class. We have already been taught by most of our grade 6s with dance, track and field and, this week, origami lessons.

PE: I appreciate the effort and positive attitude of all students during PE last week, but especially the students who were practicing baseball skills for the first time last week AND the students who helped put up the volleyball nets.

Carbon-free transportation: Many thanks to the students who walk, scoot, bike and bus to school. It helps to reduce our school’s carbon footprint, has a positive impact on mental health, and facilitates a greater connection to the natural world and the community. Below is one of the school’s (full!) bike racks (used mostly by staff).

Botany: We are drawing spring flowers in our Botany journals. If you have any garden flowers to share, please send them our way.

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