In the Loop May 2, 2021

Assignments for the Week

  • Language: Students will have a grammar assignment. Students received books today for a second round of literature circles. On Wednesday, Walk Across the Sea (reading pages 1-68) and Music of the Dolphins (reading pages 1-59) will meet. On Thursday, Kensuke’s Kingdom (reading pages 1-40), The War that Saved My Life (reading chapters 1-14) and Breadwinner (reading pages 1-53/chapters 1-4). Students should have their reading done and come to their meeting with three comments on their lit circle bookmark.
  • Math: There will be geometry this week, as well as problem-solving this week.
  • ScienceAnatomy: Students will continue to study the digestive system this week. We will also be spending some time talking about inquiry questions. These are skills we will be using as we begin a new individual, inquiry-based, research project.  
  • Drama/literary study: Students will have an assignment to create a character map for Twelfth Night. This will be due the week of May 10. For Monday, students should be prepared to comment on the list of drama skills (yellow handout) that they were given on Friday: 1) Which skills do they think are most important? 2) A question for their parents: Which skills have been most important in your life?
Grade 4 students created different adjectives to describe a donut. (We eliminated the “meh” adjectives on the right.)

Literature Circles: Students culminated their first literature circles last week and will begin new ones next week. After that, students will do a third literature circle that they organized by themselves.

Anatomy: This week students simulated the process of digestion…with crackers, bananas, Anatomy: This week we began our discussion around the digestion system by doing something gross! Students modeled the digestion which occurs in their bodies by mashing bananas and crackers with saliva (water) and stomach acid (vinegar). They then pulled the mixture through nylons to represent thier intestines and saw how the body pulls out liquid nutrients and leaves behind solid waste.

Drama: We will focus on drama activities to promote our skills with 1) movement, 2) voice and 3) improvisation. This week, we learned the drama games Atoms and Wah(!).

Baseball: Students practiced throwing and pitching with Ms. Bartlett and hitting with Ms. Alexis. Most of the class had never held a baseball bat before but they all did a great job hitting whiffle balls. We were so impressed with their positive attitude and support of each other as they approached this new skill. Students also learned new baseball catches to allow them to catch grounders and fly balls. We will continue to play baseball on (non-rainy) Thursdays.

Grade 6 Lessons: We continue to have each student in grade 6 teach a lesson to the class. This week Emma taught the class how to write calligraphy. The skills she taught will be helpful in a few weeks when students learn to write in cursive. We are looking forward to our next grade 6 lesson. 

Patterns in Geometry: Below is the final work with Islamic Art that students did with Ms. Lucas.

Grade 5 students explored patterns in the diagonals of polygons. They are encouraged to articulate and express algebraically the patterns that they see. In looking at polygons, students compared the number of sides in a polygon to the number of its diagonals. Starting with quadrilaterals and continuing to decagons, students found patterns between these numbers: 4-2, 5-5, 6-9, 7-14, 8-20, 9-27 and 10-35.

Botany: More patterns! Now that spring has sprung, we have so many flowers to observe closely in our botany journals. We welcome donations from your gardens!

Outdoor learning (and eating)… as much as possible! This week was a great week for it and our new campus has lots of great space for it.

Above, Ms. Alexis uses students to demonstrate the length of the human digestive system, much of which is the taken up by the small intestine!

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