In the Loop May 9, 2021

Assignments for the Week

  • Language: Students will have a grammar assignment. Literature circles for Walk Across the Sea and Music of the Dolphins (reading pages 1-59) will meet on Wednesday. On Thursday, Kensuke’s KingdomThe War that Saved My Life and Breadwinner will meet. Students should have their reading done and come to their meeting with three comments on their lit circle bookmark.
  • Math: There will be geometry this week, as well as problem-solving this week.
  • ScienceAnatomy: This week we will look at the urinary system to wrap up digestion/excretion. Students will also be starting on an inquiry-based project which will be ongoing until early June. By the end of the week students should have at least one question they may like to research and have begun investigating the topic to ensure they are interested enough to take on a long-term assignment. Students will have a lot of agency with this project, they will be selecting thier own topics as well as deciding how they would most like to present thier learning. 
  • Drama/literary study: A character map of Twelfth Night is due on May 10.


  • Thursday, May 13-Let’s Talk Science: Let’s Talk Science will also be coming back, virtually of course, to present another morning of anatomy lessons.
  • Wednesday, May 19, Thursday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 26–Ultimate frisbee workshops will be taught by a local group, Elevate, during our PE times. Thanks to our generous PAC, this activity will be free for students. (Stay tuned to also hear dates for an Escape Room activity in late June, also funded by the PAC!)
  • Monday, May 24 is Victoria Day. There is no school for students and staff.

Anatomy: We almost finished our study of digestion this week. A brave volunteer (below) helped demonstrate that peristalsis will still move food (saltine crackers) down the digestive tract, even if it means defying gravity.

Some of our discussions about digestion have run longer than anticipated because of the thoughtful questions brought up by the class. These tangents might make our conversations run long but they are so interesting and engaging! As we continue to work with questions, we spent some time looking at what makes a good research question. Some questions are too “big” to manage (“Do our brains control everything?”), other questions are too “small” and can be answered with just a few words (“Why does a baby have more bones than an adult?”). As a class we talked about what makes a question the right “size” for a research project. This should give students a good starting point for creating their own research questions. 

Drama: Drama games continue, outdoors as much as possible, as we continue to practice skills skills for movement and voice. This week we tried Hot Seat, Darling, Bang, and Museum. We are also reading through the play as part of our literary study. Students have submitted their initial requests for roles which should be complete by Friday, May 14.

French: In French, students are learning about Métis culture. Last week, they learned to dance a jib.

PE: Improvement continues in baseball and volleyball. We will be running mini games for both next week as we finish up the units so we can move on to other exciting things. 

After a big week, we had some time (but not much) for games:

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