In the Loop May 16, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: There will be a grammar assignment this week. Students are in the third week of literature circles. For some groups, this is the last week of their literature circle, other groups will have one more week.
  • Math: Students will have problem-solving and geometry work.
  • Science– Anatomy: We will be taking a quick look at the renal system this week before studying the nervous system.
  • Inquiry Project: This week, most students selected their questions for the anatomy inquiry project (tentatively due June 4).  As a reminder, although some class time will be provided for the project, it is expected that students will also work on it at home. This week, students should be looking for reputable resources and beginning to take notes. I (Ms. Alexis) will continue putting links related to their chosen topics on the class blog for students.
  • Drama / Twelfth Night: This week we will begin looking at the literary themes in Twelfth Night, with a related writing assignment due Friday, May 28. Now that students have their roles, they should begin memorizing their lines. They will also have committee work to do, starting Monday when they get their committee assignments.


  • Friday, May 21: Trip to Maple Grove Park: We will be walking to Maple Grove Park soon after the bell rings, arriving by 9:30 am. If your child will be meeting us at the park, please let me know via email by Wednesday. He or she should meet us on the NE corner of the park by 9:30.
  • Monday, May 24: Victoria Day Holiday–There is no school for students or staff. Enjoy your holiday!
  • Friday, June 4: Anatomy Inquiry projects due.

Pod Song: Thank you to Ms. Burghall who created lyrics for the Montessori intermediate pod, the Douglas Fir Pod. Students need to learn this song (to the tune of “The Cup Song“) pretty quick–we will be recording ourselves singing it on Friday morning (May 21) at Maple Grove Park.

Literature Circles: Students’ experience shows in this second round of literature circles with developed critical thinking and lively discussion.

Geometry and Grammar: Montessori geometry and grammar is designed so students make close observations to then draw conclusions about the qualities of our space and our language.

Let’s Talk Science: Let’s talk science came back this week to speak to the class about stress. We spoke about how stress affects the different systems in our body. To demonstrate how stress increases our heart rates, students “acted” as hearts moving a bead from a plate to a cup with the pace of an average resting heat rate. When the speed and challenge increased, most students found that their heart rate increased as well.

Science: Inquiry Project for Anatomy: Creating a question to guide inquiry work is a challenging but important skill. Ms. Alexis conferenced with almost all students last week and will meet with the rest of the class next week.

French: Students are weaving as well as learning The Virtues in French.

We Love Our Library: We are lucky to have a beautiful new library that is well-stocked, cared for, and curated by Ms. Tornroos and Ms. Adams. We visit the library every Monday afternoon.

Drama / Twelfth Night: We are enjoying our time outside playing drama games and reading through our script.

Spring Baseball: PE: We finished volleyball and baseball units this week. Mr. Land even joined us for a bit of baseball in the sun! Next week Elevate is coming in to teach ultimate. Thank you to the PAC for providing this program for us. 

Outside learning…and eating: We continue to feel lucky to be able to enjoy our lunch outside every day.

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