In the Loop May 23, 2021

I hope all Division 17 families are having a relaxing holiday weekend.

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have a grammar assignment this week. The only groups that have literature circles this week are The War that Saved My Life and Kensuke’s Kingdom.
  • Math: Students will have problem-solving and geometry work this week.
  • Science: We will be taking a look at our senses and our brain as we start wrapping up our human anatomy unit. Most of science time will be devoted to their inquiry science project.
  • Anatomy Inquiry Project: At this point every student should have an inquiry question and should have done a large chunk of their research (with recorded notes that they can bring to class). (It is okay if students alter the wording of their original inquiry question as they work through the research however it is expected they stay with their original topic.) Next week students should be finishing their research and should begin creating their presentation. Starting the presentation will help students see if there are any gaps in their research they need to fill so it is highly recommended that they begin working on it this week. 
  • Drama / Twelfth Night: In addition to working on memorizing lines and practicing scenes, students have a new assignment: identifying themes in Twelfth Night. This is a formal writing assignment that was handed out with specific instructions and criteria on Friday, May 21. It is due Friday, May 28.


  • Monday, May 24 is Victoria Day. There is no school for staff or students.
  • Friday, May 28: Morning at Maple Grove Park. We are planning to enjoy some outdoor time at Maple Grove Park Friday morning to film some video clips for our pod song’s music video. In order to make the most of our time at the park we will be leaving very soon after the bell rings, so please ensure your student arrives on time. If your child will be meeting us at the park, please let me know via email by Wednesday. They should meet us on the NE corner of the park (Yew and 51st) by 9:30 am. As we will be recording video we ask that students wear neutral earth tones, such as blacks, greys, and dark greens and that they avoid images and text on shirts. Students may also want to bring additional sun protection on Friday as the weather calls for a lot of sun. 

Anatomy: Students are studying the nervous system with Ms. Alexis. This week they looked at the way we use our senses to gather and respond (electrochemically!) using our senses. Students (loosely) applied the Scientific Method to activities testing their reaction time to visual and tactile stimuli. Ask your child which sensory input brought a quicker reaction–sight or touch…and why that might be.

French: Students are reading books (well, very short books) in French!

Twelfth Night Character Map: See some interpretations of the character dynamics in our play.

Drama Scenes: Now that students have their parts, we are working through scenes one by one. Groups will have time to practice their scenes during work periods next week. Students should have their lines memorized by June 7. Our final performance will be live-streamed on Thursday, May 24.

Committee Work: In addition to taking on parts in the play, students are serving on committees to make everything go smoothly behind the scenes for our final production. Students are planning costumes, set, music, dance, graphics and a newspaper. There will also be student directors (and assistants) for every scene.

Pod Song: Students quickly learned our (adapted) pod song to the tune of “The Cup Song.” We will recorded last week and will work on the filming next week. Families will be able to see our final work at the school wide assembly on Wednesday, June 9.

Ultimate: We are so grateful to our PAC for funding our sessions with Elevate Academy. Students have shown much improvement in their frisbee skills in only two days–and did I mention we are having lots of fun? We have one more lesson with Elevate on Wednesday and will continue with ultimate for the next couple of weeks.

School Grounds Clean up: We pitched in and did our trash pick-up duty this week. Not much to clean–is this a sign or less litter? More waste-free lunches?

It was a big week!

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