In the Loop May 30, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have their last grammar assignment this week. The last round of literature circles will begin next week (and continue for a total of three weeks). This time students their literature circle book and group. The should be prepared to meet on Wednesday or Thursday next week. I extended the due date for the Shakespeare themes assignment so some students may be turning that assignment in this Monday.
  • Math: Students will have problem-solving and geometry work this week.
  • Anatomy Inquiry Project: Projects are due next Friday (June 4). Students should be sure to have a list of resources to accompany the work they turn in. Students who are completing oral presentations should turn in their outlines (or power points) on Friday, though we may end up hosting their presentations on Monday. 
  • Drama / Twelfth Night: In addition to working on memorizing lines and practicing scenes, students should be begin working on a scene summary that was assigned to them by the newspaper committee. These summaries are due during the week of June 7. Students are also expected to share their costume plan with the Costume and Props committee by Wednesday, June 2.


  • Friday, June 4: Anatomy Inquiry projects are due.
  • Friday, June 4: Morning at Maple Grove Park. I am tentatively planning for us to spend Friday mornings at MG Park for the remainder of the year, but I will let you know each week. Students who would like to meet us at the park this Friday should meet us on the NE corner of the park (Yew and 51st) by 9:30 am. We will be using this time for our morning walk, class meeting and practicing scenes. I see that currently, the forecast calls for rain, so stay tuned for a change of plans.
  • Tuesday, June 8: All library books are due to the library.
  • Thursday, June 24: Final Performance of Twelfth Night The current plan is to live stream (and record) our performance for Division 17 families. Stay tuned for time and details.
  • Friday, June 25: Tentative Plan for an end-of-the-year party at Maple Grove Park.
  • Tuesday, June 29: Last day of school for students.

Anatomy: Students had their final lesson on the brain this week. This week all science work will be devoted to the anatomy inquiry project.

Drama: We approached drama from many different angles this week with several activities using movement to express ideas. Ms. Alexis guided students’ through a lesson based on Roy Vickers’ book, Peace Walker, based on a story from the Tsimshian village of Kitkatla. We also worked on voice at Maple Grove Park on Friday–see below.

Friday at Maple Grove Park: On Friday we had our class meeting and took some time to film for our pod song. We also did some voice exercises for drama practicing the four Ps: pronunciation, punch, pause and projecting with our lines).

We also had time for another P: play!

Ultimate with Elevate: This was our last week with the folks at Elevate, Miu, Jazz and Emma. Again, we are thankful to the PAC for funding these lessons. We learned a lot in three days! Here is information about Elevate’s summer camps , some of which will be hosted at Maple Grove. Other offerings include a 1/2 day of STEM activities (with one of our instructors, Jazz).

Botany: Students continue to find creative ways to capture our spring flower samples.

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