In the Loop June 13, 2021

Assignments for the Week:

  • Language: Students will have their last week of literature circles. They should be working on their cursive packets.
  • Math: Students will have a geometry assessment on Tuesday. There will be problem-solving this week, as well as work with tessellations that will continue into next week.
  • Twelfth Night: Students should be editing their scene summaries best on feedback from the newspaper committee. All students should have their lines memorized and have their own costumes and props at school and ready to go.
  • End of the Year Evaluations: Students will be working on a MORC (My Own Report Card) and a Core Competency evaluation this week. Both self-assessments will be sent home with students report cards.


  • Thursday, Friday June 17: Virtual VPL: We will have an online meeting with he Vancouver Public Library to learn about their summer reading program. Thanks to Ms. Lucas for organizing this event.
  • Friday, June 18: Locked Room Virtual Field Trip: Thanks to our PAC, we are being treated to a virtual field trip in a locked room! We will do this activity in the afternoon. We also plan to go to Maple Grove Park in the morning, but I will email closer to the date as our trip is weather-dependent.
  • Thursday, June 24: Final Performance of Twelfth NightThe current plan is to livestream (and record) our performance for Division 17 families. Stay tuned for time and details.
  • Friday, June 25 is the date for our end-of-year class picnic at Maple Grove Park. (Yes, this date changed–again–since last week. We’re sticking with Friday!
  • Tuesday, June 29: Last day of school for students–reports sent home.

Scenes: Once again, we had a week of playing drama games (for movement and improvisation),

practicing scenes,

and doing our committee work behind the scenes.

Ultimate: This group learned ultimate–the skills and the game–so quickly that we could get right down to business.

Botany: Thank you to the Chau family for sharing a beautiful bunch of peonies with us!

June is Pride Month!

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